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Insights by 3 Rivers Tax

Insightful help to grow your business

Performance Scorecard

Taking a collection of numbers and turning it into a simple report to make smart business decisions.


Call us with questions without going on the clock.  We treat you with dignity, no “smarter than you” attitude from us.

Your last accounting firm

We value long term, mutually beneficial relationships.  Let us be your last stop in the accounting world.

Improved Decision Making…

You already know how to run your business.  We provide insights to make more informed decisions by relying on our experience working with other small business owners and our ability to turn your financial data in useful information.

Business management

  • Cash flow planning
  • Compensation
  • Pricing
  • Entity selection
  • Operating challenges

Tax planning

  • Mid year reviews
  • Revenue & deduction planning
  • Asset purchases

Employee relations

  • Maximizing dollars paid on benefits
  • Total compensation statements
  • HR resources

Ownership considerations

  • Exit planning and maximizing equity value
  • Using the business to reach financial goals
  • Profit harvesting

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