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Do you have a voucher to pay your 2019 tax return, but you would prefer to do it electronically online? Here is how to do it:

Federal Direct Pay



1.) Click the blue “Make a Payment” button.

2.) On the next page:

Reason = “Tax Return”

Apply Payment to = “1040” assuming it’s your personal return

Tax Period = “2019”

3.) Verify your information from a past tax year. Keep in mind the address may be different from your current address if you moved since the return year used for verification.

Minnesota Revenue



1.) Click the “Not Using a Letter ID link.

2.) On the next page: Type of Taxpayer = Individual. Type of Tax = Individual Income Tax. Enter your social security number and if married, your spouse’s social security number.

3.) On the following page, the type of payment = Return. Time period = 12-31-2019.

4.) Enter the payment amount, make sure it matches the number on your payment voucher.