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We offer profit harvesting automation for our monthly accounting clients at no extra fee. You may be wondering – what is “Profit Harvesting Automation?” Here are the answers:

1.) What is Profit Harvesting Automation (PHA)?

We listen to your needs and business goals. We then set a target amount to automatically put in a separate business account, out of sight, out of mind. This can be a small percentage of revenue collected each month, or a percentage of your net profit. We start very small, then incrementally increase it over time at our goal planning sessions.

2.) Why is Profit Harvesting Automation important?

Simple, when you are in business for yourself, you lose the safety net your W-2 counterparts have working for a bigger company. Unless you use your business to create wealth, it won’t exist for you. PHA is a way to create a safety net to protect your business and make sure you have something to show for your hard work at the end of the year.

3.) What does the process typically look like?

After listening to your goals and you helping us to understand your situation, we typically set three initial targets:

First, we decide on our target allocation. We start VERY small, this is a muscle that gets bigger over time with exercise. The allocation becomes like any other bill to pay in your business, except, you are paying yourself.

Second, we decide on a target reserves level. Every business should have some cash reserves. Your business model and genetic makeup for risk will determine the amount. Cash reserves protect you from unexpected expenses, business downturns, and allow you to take advantage of business opportunities.

Third, we set an annual goal. For money to put away for your future financial security and usually one “fun” goal each year. The fun goal is up to you: a family vacation, a boat, or whatever gets you excited!

I love this part about my job. Helping small business owners execute a plan for their future, protect their business with cash reserves, and create experiences they would never have enjoyed with a sound, properly executed plan.

Here are our monthly plans, it shows some of the plans that include Profit Harvesting Automation at no extra cost: PRICING