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As a small business owner, time is limited. You need to make decisions quickly and effectively. To help you, we have developed bookkeeping and payroll packages for small business owners starting at $200/month.

Basic Back Office Package Includes:

  • QuickBooks Online Subscription
  • Monthly Bank Reconciliation & Financial Reports
  • Tax Return Completed
  • Filing 1099’s as required
  • IRS & State Agency Correspondence Response
  • Tax Planning

Basic Back Office Package + Payroll Includes:

  • Payroll Portals for Your Employees
  • Direct Deposit
  • W-2’s and Quarterly Reporting

Advanced Back Office Package Includes:

  • Everything in the Basic Back Office Package + Payroll
  • Accounts Payable – Bill Pay Services
  • Accounts Receivable Management

Schedule a meeting with us today, we would love to learn more about your business to see if we can help.

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