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Our office continues to get questions from business owners who have had to lay off employees during the pandemic. Here are some of the common questions:

Will my unemployment rates go up if I let employees go?

Answer: If the reason is COVID-19 related, then the answer for now is no.

Do I need to let MN Unemployment know it was COVID-19 related?

Answer: No, the employee selects the reason on their application for benefits as being COVID-19. If they do not select that option, the FAQ page on the site states your account will be reviewed prior to adjusting 2021 rates.

Are employees required to use all available paid leave before applying for unemployment?

Answer: No, they can apply right away.

I requested an employee to come back to work, but they are refusing. Do I have an obligation to report?

Answer: Yes, MN Unemployment has stated if an employee is refusing to come back to work, you can report the incident to them. This is an odd scenario with the current $600 extra federal weekly allowance where some are earning the same amount of money (or even more) than they did while employed.